01 November 2013

Checking on the Spindle Candy forum is a dangerous thing...

... because you can so easily get hoodwinked, and I can prove it! I was just having a look (no harm in looking surely?) on the spindle de-stash page, the next thing I know I was spinning on these two little cuties:
The one on the left is a trindle, I have wanted one ever since I saw the one appeared in Andrea's posts over a year ago, even though I hadn't started spinning back then. So when I saw someone was destashing theirs I decided to grab it. I LOVE how the trindle spins, albeit a little wobbly but it spins and spins and spins, and it's so easy to wind on. The right hand one is a Riley's Turkish spindle, it's a little slow than I thought but still spins beautifully, maybe once there's more fibre on it it will spin faster.

The rolags are made on my blending board, of various dyed merino, silk, mohair locks and some sparkle, they are pretty easy to draft and very addictive to spin!

Meanwhile my production line for Christmas presents kept running, and I finished my scarf #4 the Yorkshire Moors scarf that was on the loom last week. I love how the self striping yarn in the warp make the colours shift.
And here's scarf #5 an Alpaca blend in greys and naturals, same yarn for both warp and weft.
That's it for me this week, now show us yours!

Thanks for dropping by, there is more fibre arts fun at Wisdom Begins in Wonder. Indulge your creative side and join the party!


  1. ooooh, look at your beautiful spinning and weaving! I love my trindle and I'm glad you love yours. My turkish spindle and I are having arguements. I want nice yarn and it wants me to cuss ;-)

  2. Gosh this is all so pretty. I really want to get into weaving but I must not start anymore crafts!

    I've never tried either of these types of spindles, I might see if someone I know has some so I can try them out...I love the idea of a spindle that will not stop spinning!

  3. Although I don't really understand about spindles, your wool looks so pretty on them, and as usual you weaving is lovely.

  4. Congratulations on your new spindles... I have not used either type, but people seem to love both. :-)

    I love your weaving too.

  5. Two things I haven't done--spin and weave. You are inspiration itself!

  6. Your weaving is really well done - such pretty scarves! What wonderful Christmas presents!