30 May 2009

Knitting again

When I was growing up I can remember that mother was always knitting, it was a skill necessary to keep your family warm during the harsh winters. I was taught this skill when I was about eight, along with crochet, a craft mother always favoured. I vaguely remember making scarves and gloves when I was a teenager for my then boyfriend, then a couple of jumpers for my now husband (when we were courting), then a baby blanket and a cardigan just before our first baby was born. After that I hadn't touched the kneedles and hooks for a good 10 years, I even gave all my kneedles to mum as I was so wrapped up in other things I didn't think I'd need them again.

Since becoming a freelance interpreter, I often find myself having considerable period of time between jobs, sometimes an hour, or even couple of hours, just sitting in the car listening to the radio. My hands were itching to be occupied, so I turned my attention to knitting/crochet again. That was a few months back, now my house is once again filled with my stash and UFOs, and I am feeling very content :)