11 June 2010

Knitting for England

World Cup 2010 starts today, woohoo!! I've always watched World Cup games, well, whenever I could. I'm not football mad as my husband is but I'm not a football widow either. But knitting and watching football at the same time? well, I haven't try that before but I'm going to start now, all thanks to the World Cup 2010 group on Ravelry. The idea is to support your favourite team and knitting to earn points, 2 points for each projects started and 3 points for each projects finished.

I have four pages of To-Dos in my queue on Ravelry and at least one is earmarked for the World Cup. I don't know if I'll get to start all these projects as I already have a sizeable WIPs, but I can always be tempted especially it's for a good cause - well, sort of.

England has been frustrating to watch in the last, well, several decades really, don't suppose much will change this time around. However, one must have faith, especially when one has knitting for support. Unfortunate for us this time though, we are in the wrong time zone again. All the games will be played during the wee hours, and they have all been dually marked in the diary; exactly how many game we will actually watch it's anyone's guess. But I shall certainly be watching their first game against USA, it could be a make or break game. So GO ENGLAND!!!

Oh yes, I am supporting the Socceroos too... until they meet England that is :)