13 September 2013

Creeper Alert!

If you have a son who is 8~12 years old you will probably have heard of Mincreaft, if you don't, well, lucky you! Minecraft is a game where the world is square and everything is built of 3D cubes, there is no specific goal, instead it allows you to make it whatever the imagination fancies. Needless to say Master E is a covet fan who frequently lives in the cubes wonderland. He's been invited to a birthday party this weekend and the birthday boy is also a Minecraft fan, so he requested a "Creeper" for his friend.
Please excuse the terrible photo, I left it a bit late so by the time I finished it it's already dark. It's a fairly easy make as it's just a combination of cubes, actually it's one cube and five cuboids, but you get the drift. I used a 4mm hook and some stash yarn from my dyeing experiment, the stuffing is the wool fluff (clean) I saved from carding and combing. The head is not as square as I would have liked but this will do. Apparently in the game the Creeper would get close to the player and explode to cause damage, but this one is pretty safe ;-)

When not playing Minecraft Master E has shown some considerable interest in fibre art, he helped me with this breaking violet experiment:
I think we could have used a little more dye stock, the finished braid has quite a bit of white in it even though the colours seemed quite strong during application. Also, I think if I didn't add vinegar in the pre-soak it might encourage better distribution, because I did notice the dyes being taken up by the fibre as soon as they hit so the "massage" only helped a little bit. But overall I am still happy with the result.

Thanks for dropping by, there is more fibre arts fun at Wisdom Begins in Wonder. Indulge your creative side and join the party!


  1. I really like the dyed roving.

    I am not a Minecrafter... so I had no idea about the creeper. ;-) Looks cool!

  2. Henry used to do koolaid dyeing projects with me. Love them those little boy days when they are big enough to help and play but not so big they have to be independent.

    Henry plays Minecraft too I think, but I have no idea what the Creeper is. Maybe I should pay closer attention to his games, hmmm....

  3. I love your creeper. My children both really like minecraft. I made my son a minecraft phone cosy, which he then wouldn't use because apparently it isn't very cool to be into minecraft or to have a knitted phone cosy once you are a teenager.

  4. My kids are 7 and they play Minecraft at school. They LOVE it! Great project.

  5. Love your creeper. Minecraft is always a topic here with our son. The roving looks delicious. Don't worry about all of the white. I've bought lots of braid like that and they spin up beautifully. You will want to remember how you did it because you are going to like it that much.

  6. I'm with Andrea - I think you're going to love how that braid spins up. And the Creeper project is great, even if I have no idea about Minecraft. :)