04 January 2013

New Beginnings

Happy New Year my friends!  2013 marks a new beginning for me, just before Christmas I received an acceptance letter to my PhD application, so that's the next four years mapped out for me. I didn't get a scholarship in the first round (because I have never published before) but the letter says that I'm "on the priority list for any remaining scholarship considerations", well that's nice to hear and disappointing at the same time. I was wishing for a scholarship so that my life might be easier, oh well, one can't have everything, as my nine year old once said - "Be happy with what you have Mummy, because we are lucky."

My semester starts in March, so from now until then I'm going to cram in as many crafting projects as I can, because I don't expect to have much free time with studying and working and kids and all that...

New WIPs:

Tweedy Avast
Pattern: Avast by Jess Loesberg in Knitty Fall 2006
Made for: My teenage son.
We're planning a trip back to England next Christmas/New Year, the boy has not seen a woollie sweater in years, so I thought I'd knit him one for this trip (as well as spinning a jumper for DH, I might live to regret this). It's going to be a long haul project. He picked the yarn and pattern himself.

Cookie & Cream Blanket
Pattern: White Lily Blanket by Elena Fedotova
Made for: A friend who is expecting her first baby.
The blanket is made by joining motifs and there are many colour/pattern variations.

New FOs:

Handspun Beanie:
Pattern: Scarf Knitter's Beanie Hat by Anne Carroll Gilmour
Made for:  KOGO (Knit One Give One)
Knitted with my handspun, the yarn was my first attempt at spinning woollen long draw. The yarn is quite uneven but doesn't really show in the hat, I think soaking helped a lot. A very easy pattern and quick to make.

Amphitheater of Summer Seas
Pattern: Amphitheater of Forest by ShuiKuen Kozinski
Yarn: my handspun of merino/silk blend, solar dyed in jam jars and named Summer Seas.
Made for:  A friend who's in need of some comfort.
I love this pattern, the yarn is a perfect match. SK is one of my favourite designers, her patterns are well thought out, clearly written and always turn out beautifully.

Golly I have been busy, haven't I? It's amazing what can be done when you have a few days without the interruption called work ;)

Thanks for dropping by, there is more fibre arts fun at Wisdom Begins in Wonder. Indulge your creative side and join the party! 


  1. I love all of these projects! I'm looking forward to seeing the blanket come together. Congrats on your quest. I hope you do get some scholarships.

  2. Congratulations on Graduate School!

    That sweater is going to look great and your shawl turned out beautifully.

  3. Oh my, the Amphitheater shawl is beautiful....can't wait to see more of the baby blanket. Maybe I need to put learning to crochet on the list of things to learn in 2013.

  4. I love the Cookie and Cream...it's going to be beautiful! And I see you made a shawl too...it's beautiful! I love the yarn you made for the shawl, just gorgeous!

  5. Hiya Cathy - happy new year to you too!!!

    You've been a busy crafty bee - love, love, love the White Lily blanket. Perfect colorways. And your dying in solar jars turned out so well! She's also one of my favorite designers (I've had a kimono cardi of hers in my queue like, forever - I will make it, I will make it ...).

    And congratulations on your Ph.D program acceptance. *That* is a big deal. I wouldn't be surprised if they came up with some money for you in the second year. I know that's cold comfort right now, but just give it a little while and effort, and I bet it will turn in your favor. I have a good feeling about it (whatever that's worth!).

    1. Thank you Denise! I love your enthusiasm, yes I will apply for scholarship again next year, it's going to be hard work but hey, if you don't try you won't get... sometimes I wonder why I put myself through this at my age, LOL!

  6. You are going to be very busy very soon! Congratulations on the next four years. I applaud you!

    Thank you for visiting CrochetHappy. I know I looked for answers to making my own charted patterns as well. There isn't a lot available. I hope Stitch Works or Knitpro work out well for you. I have been pleased with knitpro but would very much like to own my own copy of Stitch Works.

  7. Lots of great looking projects but the shawl is magnificent. Perfect match of color and pattern. Nice job.