03 May 2013


Happy Fibre Arts Friday! Today's post is all about hats. First up is the Hand Dyed Rikke Hat that I started last week, it's finished and I'm really happy with it.
My tension is larger than the pattern called for, it stands at 19sts/10cm as opposed to 22st/10cm, so I only cast on 86 stitches. Which was just as well because I nearly run out of yarn!
I need to get a hat model at some stage, but for now you will have to be content with my mixing bowl ;)  This is a really simple pattern and knits up quickly, I'm not a hat person normally but I love this one. If you are looking for the pattern it can be found here.

The second hat is a baby one, another quick make. The Aviatrix Baby Hat has been in my queue for a long time and finally I got to make it.
I love it because it's made on two needles. To use an Aussie term, it is Easy As!
Please excuse the kitchen roll, I couldn't find a more suitable prop. The hat is intended for a friend's new baby boy, just hope I get to meet the little chap before he grows too big.

Oh I can happily report that the trial is finally over, yay! Now I can spend more time with my needles, hooks and spinning wheel... but wait, I've got one assignment that is overdue and another due in three weeks' time... oh bother! At least I can knit while reading ;)

In case anyone is interested in finding out what is like to be an interpreter, I just started An Interpreter's Diary here.

Thanks for dropping by, there is more fibre arts fun at Wisdom Begins in Wonder. Indulge your creative side and join the party!


  1. I love the colors of the first hat. So rich and such depth. The baby hat is so cute!! Have a great weekend.

  2. Love your "work" blog! The baby hat is very cute, hope you get more time for fiber activities soon.

  3. These are both great. Hat models are overrated. I like the mixing bowl and paper towel roll... honestly, if you hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have noticed. :)

  4. They're both charming and they're great examples of how lovely simple designs (aka "Easy As") can be. (PS: I model hats on my mixing bowl too!)

  5. I love how your dyed yarn knitted up. You did good ;-)
    The baby hat is the bomb! It's too darn adorable.