29 August 2014


Happy Fibre Arts Friday! This week I finally finished off two woven scarves, one had been on my loom since April and another one I had done weaving a few weeks ago but it was not finished until yesterday. I realised that I am not very good at finishing projects although I like starting them, which explains why I have so many UFOs. The lure of a new project is greater than completing one, perhaps I should only be allowed to start a new project in exchange for a finished one, I will need a stern enforcer.

This scarf was started back in April, with my hand-dyed warp and weft. For some reason the tension was all over the place and I was so disheartened with it that I didn't touch it for months, then one day I forced myself to forge ahead and finished it - because I wanted the loom for another project. I was very pleased to find that once washed and dried, all the imperfections with the tension was gone and the scarf looks rather nice ...

The second scarf was started at the beginning of this month, so it's not quite a marathon project as the first one. It only took 3 days to weave but again it took me weeks to finish it off. I'm calling this Blood Orange Tweedy Scarf :)
Now my loom is empty and I need another project!

Thanks for dropping by, please hop over to Andrea's at Wisdom Begins in Wonder for more fibre fun.


  1. Oh my goodness they are so pretty! The colors in the first one just call to me.

  2. Gorgeous colours, agree with Andria, the green particularly is fab.

  3. Ohh, lovely all. I so want a loom, but don't need another hobby right now!

  4. Hi Cathy - long time, no chat! And when did you get to be such a great weaver?!!!! Love these two scarves ... like ... a lot. :)

    And happy spring to you, as we turn to fall here in the northern hemisphere.

  5. Hooray for beautiful weaving! Your scarves are lovely. I wished we lived where we could meet up. I'd have so much fun weaving, spinning and playing with fiber with you.

  6. I agree... I just love the first one!

    I have been challenged with a bit of Startitis my self... but mostly it's been rip-it-out-and-re-startitis. :-/

    Enjoy your impending Spring.