18 April 2014


It has not been a good week for me, for most of the week I was sick with diarrhoea and severe migraine. Luckily things started to lighten up late yesterday and today I felt much better. Feeling sorry for myself I desperately needed some fibre-therapy to help me relax, so I warped up my Cricket Loom for a scarf.
It's not my handspun but I did dye the yarn, both the warp and weft were actually the same yarn in a colourway called Barley (a kind of yellow) but I wasn't so keen so I divided it up dyed half in green/blue and the other half in plum black. I'm calling this The Forbidden Forest Scarf.

I also washed some Cria Alpaca fleece in a beautiful honey colour, it's so so soft. This is going to be made into a batt for the shop but I really want to keep it. Maybe I'll keep the next batch for myself ;)
That's it from me, that's my therapy for the day. Have a lovely Easter weekend if you celebrate.

Thanks for dropping by, please hop over to Andrea's at Wisdom Begins in Wonder for more fibre fun.


  1. I just love the scarf you are working on. The colours are fantastic! We have been battling illness here all week as well, so I understand your need to get in some fiber therapy very very well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The scarf is gorgeous! Love those colors together. The batt will be wonderfully soft, you can just see it. Well, I guess that's stretching it a bit.

  3. Sorry you've been unwell, fiber therapy is good for the soul :) Your scarf is beautiful, I love the colour combination you've used

  4. That blue is gorgeous! *jealous*

  5. The scarf is looking great... I love the color... but I really love the crimp on that cria fleece.

    Glad you're feeling better.

  6. Love your weaving. It's going to be a beautiful scarf.
    Ha! I'm a selfish alpaca owner, I always keep the cria fleeces for myself to spin and create with. Maybe because I only get one or two a year being a small farm but there is something special about those baby locks.

  7. That's the thing about having a shop, I'd end up keeping all the good stuff to myself, then there wouldn't be anything to sell!