16 August 2013

Exotic Fibres :-)

Happy Fibre Arts Friday! This week I don't have much productivity in any of my crafts, well there are a couple of knitting projects I'm working on but I don't want to bore you with WIP pics, so I thought I'd share with you some of my recent fibre acqusitions :D

First up is this gorgeous Suri Alpaca fleece, it's supposed to be purple brown but it just looks brown to me, but I love it anyway.
It's a very clean fleece, there's hardly any VM, the owner said she just spins as it is then wash. I've never tried suri alpaca, it feels heavier than Huacaya and the fibre is quite long... I know there are a few alpaca experts who visit my blog, your expert advice will be greatly appreciated ;-)

Next I have some samples of Baby Llama and De-haired Yak:
On the left are some baby llama samples all in natural colours, on the right is the de-haired yak. I was so surprised at how soft these fibres felt, the llama has a silky feel, almost like angora; the yak is super soft, almost more so than merino. I can't wait to spin this up, but I'm debating with myself whether to spin each on it's own or to blend with something else. Hmmm...

And the last but definitely not the least, it's Humpty Dumpty :D
This is a blend of 80/20 merino and bamboo, I just love the colours, should have got more!

My wheel is still kaput, only just received a reply from Ashford this morning which asked me to refer to their website to identify my model and check the relevant assembly instructions. I have already done that (maybe I didn't make that clear in my email to them), frankly I don't find it that helpful. Perhaps I shouldn't vent about these things until it's resolved, let's hope more helpful advice is forthcoming.

Meanwhile one of my spinning buddies, who is also my spinning classmate, just lent me an old Ashford wheel (~ I love fibre people!) which I picked up today, it's missing the drive band but I've got it in the maintenance kit that I bought sometime ago. So hopefully I can get it up and running this weekend.

By the way, it's been almost exactly three months since I ordered my Little Grace Special, which means there are two more months to go, I am so excited!!

Thanks for dropping by, there is more fibre arts fun at Wisdom Begins in Wonder. Indulge your creative side and join the party!


  1. Suri is what I spin the most...it is high addictive!

  2. That Suri is gorgeous!! Wish my hair was that color. I have two Suri blends in my yarn stash, hmmm, must decide what I should knit with them and get it on the needles pronto!

  3. Lovely fibers. I love those merino bamboo colors too. Curious what it is like to spin.

  4. Oh the Yak! Be still my heart. I have some in my stash, but have not spun it yet.

    The Suri is nice to spin... but it is slippery-er than Huacaya. You'll be happy to have that extra length in the staple. ;-)

    Oh and the Merino/Bamboo should be lovely too.... I think bamboo makes everything better. ;-)

  5. Suri Alpaca is a dream to knit with, I'm sure you'll love playing with it :-) Sorry about your wheel, hope the loaner keeps you happy until yours gets fixed.

  6. I'm with Kathryn - I think you're gonna love the Yak, and it's super warm. I also love those humpty dumpty colors - very calming to me, actually.

    And the suri, well what can I say? It's just fantastic. :)