11 January 2013

Tunisian Resolution Scarf Revisited

It's been two years since I wrote the pattern for the Tunisian Resolution Scarf and frankly I'd quite forgotten about it. You see I'm a fickle who likes to try different things, so after that initial bash at Tunisian crochet I really didn't pursue it (maybe) as I should, well I might give it another go sometime and try some different stitches but not just yet. But a few days ago I got a question regarding this pattern, it's about the starting chains. As I really couldn't remember much about this pattern I had to review my notes, which wasn't much, and thought the best way was to make it again myself.

Have you ever tried to follow your own notes? Apparently things that were really clear and made perfect sense at the time could be a tad fuzzy after a while. And my reader was right, my instruction for picking up stitches from the starter chain was one chain short! Wow, those poor people who tried following my instructions must be very good at deciphering patterns (there are currently 108 projects on Ravelry, of which 2 are my own) that they have created wonderful items from the pattern.

So to clarify: each pattern is 4 stitches, to make the repeats it requires #repeats x4+1. There are also 2 selvage stitches, 1 on each side. My scarf pattern has 5 repeats, therefore the calculation is 5x4+1=23

Luckily the rest of the instructions are comprehensible enough and I was able to follow them and complete my piece.
The yarn is of an unknown brand from my stash and there were only 2 balls of it, it's about worsted weight and around 200 meters / 219 yards, not enough for a decent scarf so I chain crocheted the two short ends together and made a cowl that can be worn loose as a scarf or looped around twice as a snug cowl. I used a 7mm tunisian crochet hook.
This really is a simple pattern and the result is quite handsome, even if I do say so myself :)  The stitch pattern is easy to remember, only the forward row and the return row. It's unisex, quick to make and looks good in a range of yarn weights.  - talk about blowing one's own trumpet!  But seriously, if you have ever wanted to try tunisian crochet this pattern might just fit the bill rather nicely.  Ravelry link.

Thanks for dropping by, there is more fibre arts fun at Wisdom Begins in Wonder. Indulge your creative side and join the party! 


  1. What a great cowl!! I learned tunisian crochet last year and simply loved it. I made a set of wrist warmers for each of my boys and then promptly put away my tunisian crochet hook and forgot about it. That is until I saw this post - I love the way the stitches look. Thank you so much for the pattern!!

  2. It's beautiful. I wish I had more patience for crochet because I keep seeing some very nice patterns.

  3. I'm a horrible note taker, if I take notes at all. If I write a pattern, whoever follows would most likely end up calling me all kinds of names. Your cowl turned out beautifully! And I like the fact that your mannequin always looks clothed.

  4. Oh that's great! I've only made a couple of dishcloths in Tunisian....and have been trying to make a scarf, so I'll give it a try...