10 August 2012

Baby Dressage & Charity Rowing: Take Two

I can't believe it's Friday again, where did the days go? The London 2012 is almost coming to an end, during this past week I followed the games as much as I could, mostly through the official app - it has become my new routine, the first thing I reach for upon waking up is to grab my iphone and check the results. Team GB has done a fantastic job so far, although still far behind USA and China but that's only expected. The highlights for me so far are Jessica Ennis winning the Women's Heptathlon, Mo Farah winning the Men's 10,000 meters, and of course Andy Murray winning the Man's Single Tennis.  Oh, and Usain 'Lightning' Bolt struck twice :)

I did watch some live events whenever I could which afforded me the opportunity to work on my Ravellenics challenges, and here's an update:

Finished: Sweater Triathlon and Baby Dressage (#1)

The sweater is based on EZ's February Baby Sweater but much enlarged and without sleeves. I made notes of my calculations which I will add to my project page on Ravelry when I have more time. But I'm a bit miffed with the yarn for the sweater, all four skeins are of the same colourway and dyelot, but as you can see the fourth skein is decidedly paler than the others. I will have to explain to my aunt, hope she won't mind.

The baby kite jacket has come out well, it does look like a kite don't you think? It's very squishy and stretchy and I like the applied i-cord edging and button loops, it should be perfect for a growing baby. But for some strange reason I could not find the buttons I'd bought for it, anyone with psychic powers out there please help me!

Round Two: Baby Dressage & Charity Rowing

Pattern: Jacket from the Doreen Baby Set, available from Free Vintage Crochet
Yarn:  Patons Australia Dreamtime 3ply, 375 yards / 343 meters
Hook: 3.5mm
Start/finish:  7 - 9 August, 2012
Notes:  This is a very easy make, and only took 3 days. If I were to make it again I will make less starting chains and make the neck smaller.

I think that's me wrapped up for the Ravellenics 2012, I know there is still some time till the closing time but I'm working tomorrow (Saturday) morning and helping out at a fund raising event at my son's school in the evening, so there won't be much knitting/hooking done this weekend.

Thanks for dropping by, there is more fibre arts fun at  Wisdom Begins in Wonder. Indulge your creative side and join the party!


  1. Love your baby sweaters! You can tell your aunt the color change is a design feature ;-) Three baby sweaters in less than two weeks is quite an accomplishment!

    I will sense where your buttons are just as soon as I can find my Irish Diamond Shawl ...

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  3. Crazy computer duplicated and then deleted my message!

    I'll try again!
    The sweaters are wonderful and I agree with Vivian - 3 is an accomplishment to be proud of!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    1. Thanks! These were very easy makes, a lot of garter stitches and crochet one was very quick to make as its only a baby size :) ... I did get your comments through email, yes the colour differce is a real bugger, oh well...

  4. Those sweaters are so adorable. I admire your sweater knitting, I really should work on some pint size sweaters before working on my own. Maybe that would give me the confidence to finish the adult size.

    1. Hehehe, I'm not always this quick, you didn't see my five other sweater WIPs that's been hibernating ... yes, baby sweaters are very satisfying, you get that sense of achievement quite quickly :D

  5. You managed to get lots of Olympics knitting done, very sweet sweaters