29 December 2010

Race for Life Chemo Cap + 1 more

Christmas is an occasion for rejoice and celebration, and being so far away from our family and friends we especially looking forward to the Christmas cards coming from different parts of the world. Among the cards however we received some not so happy news, my DH's cousin Bridget was made redundant earlier this year, then to add to the blow she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She said in her letter that she's already been through one lot of chemo and has lost her hair, and she's due to have a second round in February. My heart went out to her and her young family, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she will pull through this. Being seven thousand miles away from Bridget there is little we could do to help, but I am a knitter/crocheter and I think that's how I could show my support so I made these:

Race for Life Chemo Cap

Crochet Chemo Hat

The top one is knitted in a wool/cashmere blend and the bottom one is crocheted in a merino blend, both are very soft to the touch, I'm very pleased with how they come out (the photos really don't do their justice, but I am terrible at photography). The caps are now being posted to England and I hope they would fit, but most of all, I hope Bridget will win her battle.

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