20 July 2012

Lush Lace Pullover, and Grannies!

This is my very first Fibre Arts Friday post, I am excited and hope there will be many more to come. I love knitting and crochet in equal measures, sometimes I do more knitting and other times I do more crochet. For the past two/three weeks I've been in a crochet mood and this is what I was up to :-)

This was an impulse make, I was losing momentum on a fitted jacket and my Essential Cardigan was pulling my hair out because I absolutely *dislike* (I won't use the word hate) seaming - why did I choose to start on a seamed item in the first place? what was I thinking?! ... Anyway, the Ravellenics was still a few weeks away and I wanted something quick to make to cheer me up a bit, and I was glad with the choice.

Project: Lush Lace Pullover
Pattern: Lush Lace Pullover by Lionbrand available for free, Ravelry project page here
Yarn: Linate Angora DeLux
Yardage: 1099 meters / 1200 yards
Hook: 4.5mm
Notes: The pattern calls for worsted yarn and 6mm hook, but from I'd read in others' notes I knew that the sizes run large in general. Plus my crochet gauge tend to be bigger than most peoples' so I chose to make it in size S and using a 4.5mm hook (the yarn is listed as DK). I didn't make a swatch, I know I know, it's naughty of me and a bad habit. But I figured that if the swatch didn't turn out right I'd rip back and start again, so what's the difference if I make a start with an educated guess and start again if it didn't work out? (it has been on my mind however, one day I will make an honest swatch, one day!).

I followed the pattern almost to the T, except replacing ch3 with ch2 on the sleeves for the first 5 rounds after the cuff, so that the sleeves are not puffy as some people have found. Oh I didn't exactly follow the pattern at the neck (I did say almost), just did what seemed right.

The verdict: A very satisfying project, quick and easy, and the result is a light and warm pullover that will get plenty of use. I'm happy as Punch :D


Oh, here's something else I've been playing with:

I haven't decided what to do with them yet, but I have a cunning plan ...

Thanks for dropping by, there is more fibre arts fun at  Wisdom Begins in Wonder. Indulge your creative side and join the party!


  1. i like the cunning plan. Nice work! and do you take orders to send to Canada? :P

    1. Thanks! ... hmm, if you are not in a hurry... ;-)

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  3. Sorry... having trouble with the commenter....

    Welcome to FAF.

    It makes me giggle to think of a sweater being a quick project. Even if crochet is faster than knitting. There's no way I could finish a sweater in a couple of weeks.

    Yours is very pretty.

  4. But, but, wouldn't you have to do a lot of seaming to put together all those little squares? Your sweater looks lovely!

    Glad you decided to join FAF. I'll want to know how you like this Dynamic Views template after awhile. It was in my consideration, but I decided against it since all the post are in one page, I thought it might take forever to load for some people.

    1. Oh, all those squares, seaming? oh, I hadn't thought of that! (That's why I hadn't made granny projects before, I knew there was something!)

      Yes, I'm still experimenting with the design, I guess I don't have that many posts (yet) so it might be ok for now, we'll see...

  5. Fabulous! I love the stitch in the body of your sweater and the color is so very pretty. Looks like a perfect fit too. The squares would be nice put together for any number of projects...good luck deciding.

  6. Love it! It is beautiful! Thanks for your visit and nice comments!

  7. Wowza! I love that pullover. I just can't comprehend quick and easy because I am such a slow knitter. Beautiful work.

    Thank you for joining Fiber Arts Friday! I look forward to more of your projects.

    1. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful gathering! ... I couldn't finish a knitted sweater in 3 weeks but crochet is much quicker, especially in lace :-)

  8. I wondered if you could explain the underarm seaming. I'm having trouble with mine. From what I can tell, the sleeve has almost double the stitches of the body. So, is it two sleeve stitches to one body stitch? Seems like it would be bulking under there.

  9. Gosh it's been a while since I made mine... I don't recall having any trouble with the sleeves while joining, but then I tend to "fudge" things if it's not going right... I mean if there are too many stitches on one part that's not matching the other, I'd do a c2tog, i.e. put hook through 2 stitches on the sleeve while joining. Hopefully you understand what I mean :)