08 January 2012

The Sloppy Blogger's Review of 2011

If ever there was a 'Sloppy Blogger' award I'd probably won it. Looking at my blogs (after a long absence) I realised that my last entry was almost a year ago when I was looking forward to 2011. Well, I can look back at it now except there's not much record to look back at! So, here's a review of 2011-

Family Achievements:

J.J. - my 14 year old son took the selective high schools exams in June and got offered a place at the most prestigious state school in Melbourne and will be starting year 9 there in February 2012. Here is a picture of the school he worked so hard to get into :-)

Myself - finally finished my 'long' struggle, (well, 18 months of full time study at my age seemed a rather long time), and graduated from my Masters degree study with distinction... not bad for an old girl I say! ;)

Family holiday:
To celebrate J.J.'s getting into MHS and my graduation we treated ourselves to a relaxing 14 nights cruise, and this is where we went:

On the knitting front:-

Surprisingly there were 33 projects tagged with 2011 and out of which
2 frogged
11 still in WIP
20 completed

I didn't think I did that much knitting last year, it now seems I wasn't all bogged down with my study as I thought :P

So, all in all 2011 has been a good year, and I hope 2012 will be just as good and with any luck I might get better at this blog thing :-)

Happy New Year!

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