29 January 2011

January is for new starts, and a lot of them :)

Yes, that's what people say, New Year New Start. I like casting on for new projects, finishing them is an entirely different matter ;)  I suppose this is due to a combination of my short attention span, my inability of knitting/crochet faster then I would like and my yearnings for new adventures, oh, and I am easily side-tracked. As January draws to a close I start to evaluate my first efforts in 2011 and I am both astonished and pleased/proud to discover that I actually cast on for nine new projects, and two of which I have actually finished! 

Here's a list of them:

So out of the 9 I cast on, 1 frogged, 2 finished and 6 still in wip. Not bad I say! One of my NYRs is to shop from my stash first for all projects, I am proud to say that I have done that with all of these projects.

Now what I didn't include in my NYRs is going on a yarn diet, that would have been unrealistic. But I do admit I have a stash problem - not that I have too much, but I'd made many impulse buys that were of bad judgement. You see, when I first returned to knitting/crochet after almost twenty years, I went a bit crazy, that and the fact that I was brought up to be swift led to a series of splurges on cheap/on sale items that were not really my taste and I seriously wonder whether they will ever be used. Having learnt my lesson I have vowed to only buy yarns that I can envisage myself using, regardless they're on sale or not. But I do need to go on a mini yarn diet, so I'm setting myself a goal of not buying any yarn for three months, i.e. from February till the end of April - that'll be a testament to my willpower. 

For February, my challenge is to only start a new project after a wip is finished. 

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