03 September 2010

Garter Stripes Bag on the move

We're going on holiday tomorrow and I've been looking for a project to bring with me, it hasn't been easy as it turned out. First of all, I'm not sure about the airline's regulations for having knitting needles on the flight, so I thought about crochet. Then I was worried about metal hooks, and I only have bamboo hooks in larger sizes. I thought about making the Flying Diamonds Shawl, but when I did the swatch I didn't quite like it. Well, when I say I did a swatch, I just started making it and after the first pattern repeat I didn't like the way it turned out, the yarn/pattern combination was not quite right. So I ripped that out.

After much debate and going through my queues and pattern library, I finally decided to make the Garter Stripes Bag. But, as I cannot bring a pair of scissors on the flight, I plan to knit this in one piece (well, as much as I can) by picking up stitches along the sides.
the front
the back

I'm on the third square here and I've been successful so far, although after picking up the stitches for the second square I realised that I was facing the wrong side. So instead of knit every row I purled every row, and it worked!

This is the back of the piece, the edging is quite neat, and no sewing up so far :)

Oh, I'm using bamboo needles, so fingers crossed that the airport security won't confiscate them!

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