23 May 2014

Shrop-A-Sock Heathery Moors

Happy Firbre Arts Friday! I'm still battling on with my study which is gradually coming to an end, there is definitely lights at the end of the tunnel, I just need to hang on in there a wee while longer. In an effort to keep my sanity and calm those hyper-go-crazy grey cells inflicted by the said study, I spin a little everyday - it's my ultimate meditation.

I finished spinning a bump of Shrop-A-Sock carded fleece, it's from a breed called Shropshire. Apparently Shropshire used to be the number one sheep breed in England, US and Canada (ShropshireSheep.org), it's origin can trace back to the 1700s. It is a down type fleece which means it's hard to felt, and that makes it a perfect choice for socks. I got my bumps from an Aussie breeder, unfortunately she doesn't have a website so I can't link it to her.

The bump was divided in half and spun separately then plied, I then dyed the yarn in the crockpot.
This will become a pair of socks for myself.... one day :)

Thanks for dropping by, please hop over to Andrea's at Wisdom Begins in Wonder for more fibre fun.


  1. Great color. What did you put in the crockpot to make this color?

    1. Thanks! I used Landscape Dyes, the colours were Plum, Kingfisher, Orchid and a dash of Wattle, they were sprinkled over each other get these muted tones.

  2. Beautiful yarn. Will make lovely socks.

    I have not heard of Shroppshire Sheep before. My first thought was they look like Baby Doll Southdown, but they are much bigger. ;-)

  3. That is GORGEOUS!!!! All the colors I love.

  4. I adore this yarn! It's gorgeous. I'm still afraid to spin my own sock yarn. I've had a few pair of my commercial yarns go bad so I'm afraid my handspun won't be strong enough for socks.

  5. Gorgeous colours in your yarn!