21 February 2014

A Mini Skein and No Knead Bread

Welcome to Fibre Arts Friday! My internet has been playing up all week so this is going to be short and sweet...

First up is a mini skein I spun on my Jenkins Delight, Sparrow ordered the spindle for me and got it sent to my friend's in Seattle, so when we visited the friend during our trip it was there waiting for me :-)  Delight is a light weight Turkish spindle, this one is made of bloodwood and weighs only 1.09oz. It came with a gorgeous fibre sample in a merino/bamboo blend that was a real pleasure to spin, I love the colourway too, so bright and sunny!
I came across Attic24's post on a "No Knead Bread" recipe last week, which really intrigued me. The notion suggests the perfect combination for lazy cooks like myself, although I have a bread machine it's a hassle to measure out all the ingredients (yeah I'm lazy like that!) and you can't really choose the shape of your bread... But this, this "no knead bread", sounds like the real deal. Could it really be that easy? But yes my friends, it really was easy peasy :-)
The recipe is here, I followed it exactly, no mods ;-)

That's it for me this week. Thanks for stopping by, I'm linking it to Fibre Arts Friday and Creative Friday,  so please hop over there for more handmade fun stuff!


  1. That's a very interesting spindle. It looks like it would be much easier to wrap than the kind I have...or at least tidier. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've been making that bread for about a year now. You can stick it in a loaf tin and it cooks just fine that way. I think I have the oven a little cooler but it makes a gorgeous loaf which is also easier for making sandwiches with :)

    Love your handspun, such a gorgeous colour

  3. Your yarn is beautiful and the color is super cheerful. That bread looks delicious!

  4. I should look up the bread recipe, it looks so good, and I think I can smell it! Glad you are still living in the after-glow of the trip, the spindle is lovely.