25 October 2013

Just keep weaving...

Happy Fibre Arts Friday! It's that time of the week again, this week it's all about handwoven scarves, well mostly :-)

Some of you may already know that we are going back to England for Christmas this year, then we're going to the U.S. for a "real" holiday, woohoo! I was making the list for family presents last weekend (it's a bit late I know), there were 19 names on the list not including children, eek! Then I thought: I can do this - I already collected a few items I made throughout the year and I need to practice my weaving, so I will make scarves! ... if you are one of my folks from the "old country" please look away now ;-)

Scarf #1: that was the Monet's Garden I showed you last week.

Scarf #2: Cherry Ripe Scarf for my FIL, so named after the chocolate of the same name :-)
It came off the loom a bit shorter than I intended, but he doesn't like long scarves anyway, or so I'm told.

Scarf #3: A study of pickup sticks - actually I might keep this one to my self, it's made of cotton and there were a few mistakes.

Scarf #4: Yorkshire Moors - the colours remind me of the heathers on the Yorkshire moors, and this is all my handspun. The Warp is a 2-ply yarn that I spun with one single from the Rolags made on the blending board, plied with another single of alpaca, the weft is a 2-ply that I spun in the TDF. It's still a WIP and it's looking great :-)

Last weekend I had a lot of fun dyeing silk hankies with Jelly, he's pretty good with colours!
These are in our Etsy shop now, and there's a 10% discount for October. If you're interested you can get the coupon code here :-)  

Thanks for dropping by, there is more fibre arts fun at Wisdom Begins in Wonder. Indulge your creative side and join the party!


  1. Wow! I love that heathery one! It's GORGEOUS.

  2. oooooh, look at those scarves! Over the last two years, I've gifted a lot of my learning scarves and I know of a few family members that are wearing them. win! Where are you visiting in America? Michigan? That would be most excellent (hint, hint)

    1. I really would LOVE to visit Michigan, seriously!! Sadly it's not on our list this time, we'll be flying into NYC then fly to San Francesco, from there we're travelling up to Seattle then crossed the border to Vancouver. I'm going to meet up with Vivian and she promised to take me go on a LYS tour, can't wait :D

  3. These are so gorgeous! All of them, man I've seen TWO woven items today and I must...not.....get into another craft!

  4. They are lovely. I thought the white cotton one looked lovely, but then again the gorgeous colours in the heather one are also fantastic.

  5. The scarves are gorgeous. I love the cotton one.

    Your trip sounds great. All great cities... The only one I haven't been to is Vancouver.