12 July 2013

Tour de Fleece 2013 - Week 2, and more...

Phew, What a week! I'd travelled 1300km and visited 5 destinations across 2 states in the last 4 days with a Chinese delegation; then I attended a Committal's Hearing this morning which signaled that things were back to normal ;)

Before the long week began we went to a Folk Festival in a neibouring town last Sunday, where we all (Except J the teenager) tried our hands on a weaving loom - it was a knitter's loom by Ashford. It was a lot of fun!
On the left was my effort... as it turned out Jelly was a natural at weaving, he even showed his dad how things worked. I definitely want a loom now, the question is which one? Any suggestions? :)

Now before I show you what happened with my TdF I have to share with you this cool tutorial for making a DIY Turkish spindle. I wanted to bring a spindle with me so I could still spin while on the road, then I saw someone on Team Wonder who made a Turkish spindle with double pointed needles. After reading her comments I also did a search and found the tutorial linked above, the instructions were very easy to follow and I made one in 20 minutes, all I used was three bamboo skewers from my cupboard, it didn't cost anything - always a bonus ;)

As you can see from the progress photos below it "does what it says on the tin" - I love it!
The photos show my efforts from Day 8 - Day 12 except day 10 which was a rest day. I came home for a pit stop on Day 12 so I was able to work on my wheel for a little bit. Day 13 was a total wash out as it was a long day (14 hours) of travelling/meeting/travelling, I only managed about 10 minutes or so on the spindle while waiting for the return flight, and there was no photo. Today is Day 14 but I'm not done yet ;)

Thanks for dropping by, there is more fibre arts fun at Wisdom Begins in Wonder. Indulge your creative side and join the party!


  1. Beautiful spinning! Your blog looks nice too.

  2. I'm having so much fun seeing all of your beautiful yarns from TdF.

    As for a loom, I love my Cricket. Up until the new loom, all of my projects have been on the Cricket. It's portable, not too pricey, and easy to work with.

  3. Wow....what beautiful yarns you've been spinning. Lovely photos of both your family and your spinning.

  4. Wow. Your trip make my trip sound like no big deal.

    I've only ever used a 4-harness floor loom.

    I have a big 12-harness in the basement that has yet to be set up. I was given a huge deal about a week before we sold our old house. I had been shopping for a loom for about a year, so I could not pass it up. But we need to get some improvements done in the basement before I can set it up. :-/

    The multiple harnesses give you lots of pattern options, but the table looms are portable. There is one called the "Wolf Pup" that is a 4-harness floor loom, but is relatively easy to transport.

  5. Amazing what can be done with such simple objects. Love the yarn!!!!

  6. I have a 4-harness table loom, but I've yet to actually warp it, alas. Love your spinning, though!

  7. What a great 'family purchase' a loom would be! Good luck choosing the right one!